About Me


College Admissions Experience:

•Freshman application reader, University of California Berkeley 

•Director of admissions, Oregon College of Art and Craft

•Admissions counselor, San Francisco Art Institute

I became interested in college counseling while in high school as neither my family nor college counselor knew how to best guide me in my college search. I selected my first college solely based on a scholarship, which proved to be the wrong selector in determining college fit for me, and I decided to transfer.

During my college transfer process, I did lots of college research, research that I should have done in high school prior to attending college. This process made me interested in helping students prepare for college, wanting to prevent others from making the same college mistakes I did. 

Since that time, I completed my undergraduate degree at Rhode Island School of Design and graduate degree at San Francisco Art Institute, worked in three college admissions offices and a high school doing college counseling. I genuinely love helping students find their path to college. College advising both as an art and a science, one involving a mixture of data, research as well as personal college visits and decisions. I have the best job in the world!

When not counseling or teaching art, I enjoy creating and exhibiting my art, snowboarding, jogging, hiking, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family.

College Advice from an Admissions Professional - 1+510/ 725-2780