Services Offered

College Counseling Services

• The initial meeting provides a "college checkup" - seeing where students are on their college path & provides a customized guide of next steps

• Interest assessment to help students determine what to study in college

• Developing a college list and narrowing choices to find a good college “fit” based on interests

• Developing admissions stragegy - determining whether to apply early decision, early action or regular decision.

• Making the most of college visits - what to look for and ask

• Discuss standardized tests (SAT / ACT) and testing strategies

• Advice for selecting recommenders

• Reviewing college essays and making suggestions for improvement

• Tips for Funding college - financial aid, merit aid and stragegically planning where to apply

• Researching colleges and college programs

• Assist with the college transfer process for students changing colleges

Specialized College Counseling Services for Visual Artists

I offer unique college counseling services for visual artists and students applying to art, architecture, design, film, game design and animation programs, including portfolio preparation:

• Feedback on current portfolio and providing ways to improve 

• Develop a portfolio for the major(s) students are interested in applying

• Extracurricular programs and courses to take for portfolio preparation

• Portfolio photography - full-service photography services to ensure your portfolio looks great

• Digital image editing to improve image quality

• Visual art tutoring for one-on-one art advising for students needing personalized art instruction

Please read more at my art counseling website:

College Advice from an Admissions Professional - 1+510/ 725-2780